snow sports

There is something magical about playing in the snow, watching the beautiful white flakes falling all around you. Rosy cheeks, hot chocolate, and fun.

There are so many activities available, for both the athletic and non-athletically inclined.

Cross Country Skiing & Snowshoeing

Two healthy snow activities that are fun and low cost are cross country skiing and snowshoeing. There tends to be few crowds too, so they are great times for solitude or spending time with family or friends.

The bonus of snowshoeing is that it doesn’t require a trail, or as much space as skiing.

Just one thing: if you are snowshoeing in the woods, remember that when you walk by branches, they can whip back pretty fast. Woods etiquette calls for holding the branch if there is someone behind you to make sure they don’t snap back at them. If you are behind someone – it’s a good idea to give yourself a few feet of distance between them and you in case a branch goes wild!

Check out your local used items ads (some cities have used sports stores too). There are always kids outgrowing their skis and snowshoes.

The Usual KERPLAT!


It’s hard to compare the thrill of a good slide!

Go to a public hill in a park, or build your own in your backyard.

Tobogganing or sledding is great fun, but more care for safety is needed. They can go pretty fast! Be careful of bumps, and always check where the bottom of the hill leads.

Look out for streams, or obstacles like walls or trees. Never make slides that end on a road! Always assume you will go further than you think.

If at a more public hill with other people around, be wary of where the big kids are. Always watch to ensure no one is speeding down the hill behind you and once you get to bottom, move out of the way as fast as possible and keep watching for others heading down in your direction.

Note: sledding carpets are basically a plastic sheet between you and the ground…you feel EVERY bump.

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