yarn creations

How much fun can a ball of string be? Let me count the ways…but I’ll start with one: yarn creations! If you have a kid who loves crafts, this is an inexpensive idea with many possibilities that can easily be adapted to different ages. There are free yarn doll and kid craft patterns and instructions below.

We had a blast making these when we were kids. We also made some recently and had quite a bit of fun. Really, only a ball of yarn is needed for most of these projects.

multi-colored yarn ball

We used this one because it’s a fun jumble of colors. So many color options are available, and I made several creations from the same inexpensive ball.

There is also a thicker yarn version, which would make nice pom-poms or creatures with thicker “fur.”


yarn spider

Spider Creature

This one may take a little more patience, but it’s still fun and easy to make

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