do you love elephants?

I felt like I was being watched. What was she thinking as she calmly observed me? What a life altering experience to see such beautiful giants in the wild.

Here is the official Wildlife Collections bracelet website, in partnership with Save the Elephants. Note: please be cautious about purchasing these bracelets from other sources, apparently this is the only genuine bracelet officially partnered with the conservatory.

Each bracelet comes with a wild elephant to track and access to an interactive map to follow their adventures.

Learn about their story, their age and what family they belong to.

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Elephant Ideas

Elephant Migration Project

  • As you receive updates about your elephant, pin the location on this map of Kenya where this project is located (your elephant may wander further – they don’t believe in boundaries after all). You can learn about geography and migration and follow your new friend’s travels at the same time. Or find a map online and print it off.
  • For a different map option, there’s also this type of large peel-and-stick animal wall map which I really want.
  • You could track them using small removable stickers like these inexpensive ones. Or just use stickie-notes and write the date they were spotted.

Elephant Puzzles

Ages 3+: Elephant block puzzle, nice and colorful

Ages 7+ Elephant shaped floor puzzle

Ages 8+ Wooden 3D elephant puzzle

Elephant Videos

Whispers - An Elephant's Tale

Disney’s Whispers – An Elephant’s Tale, follows a baby elephant who’s just learning to walk, and is separated from his mother. See parent and grandparent reviews (kids seem to love it)

Elephant Books

Ages 3+ Elephants: A Book for Children: eighty photographs of the elephant’s life and world, African and Asian, in the wild and domesticated, at play and at rest

Ages 5+: Safari Readers: Elephants: facts, photos and puzzles

Ages 10+: National Geographic Kids Mission: Elephant Rescue: All About Elephants and How to Save Them. Real life stories about elephants and their challenges.

Elephant Coloring Book

For Future Researchers

Each year, a small number of interns are accepted to Save the Elephants in Kenya. These internships are 1-2 month professional placements in research projects in Kenya, designed for university students or graduates pursuing a career in conservation, focusing on skills in scientific data collection and analysis.

This awesome opportunity is for those 18 or older, but it’s something exciting kids can plan to do if they really love elephants.

Here’s an interview with two young interns, about what they do with the program, why they wanted to get involved, and what they get to experience.

On Safari in South Africa

What are

Elephants Afraid Of?



Did you know? The Elephants and Bees Project studies how elephant behavior can protect food and crops from raiding elephants by using their instinctive avoidance of African honey bees. How cool is that!? See how more info and how you can be involved