Astronaut gardeners

Space!! Space is cool. But growing plants in space?? Yep. For a long time, NASA has worked to grow plants in many ways: hydroponics, aeroponics, and different growing mediums (pillows with types of substrate).

There are some really interesting articles. Here’s one with videos of astronauts growing greens and eating lettuce for the first time in space. Maybe this will help get your kids to eat their veggies and grow some too!

Did you know? NASA is researching how gardening 
helps astronauts deal with loneliness.

Hydroponics in the Home

It’s actually surprisingly easy and typically grows five times faster than in soil. While it’s not quite the same as getting your hands in the dirt or getting outside, it is a way to try and get kids excited about gardening.

All you need is a table top kit, which doesn’t take much counter space. And, no mess.


There are many on the market, but we did some ‘weeding’ to help you out:


Table Top: AeroGarden Basic

  • They have been making these for 15 years
  • Comes with non-GMO pre-seeded pods with a 100% Germination guarantee
  • Pods are made with pure Canadian Sphagnum moss
  • Comes with liquid plant fertilizer, full year supply, contains no pesticides or herbicides
  • Non-GMO and natural

  • Different kit options, including heirloom salad seed
  • Grows up to 9 plants
  • Height up to 24″ (most are shorter)
  • Has a vacation mode to save water
  • Has a sunrise/sunset mode to allow mimicking of sunlight
  • 30 watt LED lights
  • Full spectrum lights
  • Auto timers, various settings
  • Wifi connect
  • Reminders (via wifi connect) to fertilize
  • Large water bowl to allow less refills
  • Comes with a little trellis
  • You can also seed your own by using refill pods (pods and included fertilizer), or just buy another pod kit that’s pre-seeded like gourmet herbs.

Larger Yield: AeroGarden Farm

  • Fully customizable LED lights
  • Available in different sizes
  • Full spectrum lights
  • 60 WATT LED
  • 36″ of grow height
  • Reminds you to water and when to add plant food
  • Touch screen control panel

  • Wifi connect, even to Alexa
  • Includes 24 pods of heirloom greens, non-GMO herbs and greens
  • Two 3oz bottles of our patented, all-natural Plant Nutrients (enough for a full season of growth). All natural, non-GMO
Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System,Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit w/LED Grow Light,Plant Germination Kits 12 Plant Pots for Home Kitchen Gardening (12 Pots)

Tabletop: Moistenland Starter Kit

  • Less expensive than the AeroGarden, but still good reviews
  • 12 Growing pods spaces
  • Comes with 12 planting seed pods made of Biochar Mud, non-toxic
  • Auto lights turn off after 16 hours of use, turn back on after 8 hours of rest
  • 22 watt LED light
  • Full spectrum growing lights
  • Adjustable to 12″

That’s About It

After buying the kit, is seems pretty much pop the pods in, water, and let grow. Alright, there may be a little programming required, but from the reviews it seems pretty straightforward.

We would be curious to hear any feedback if you try hydroponic growing! Send us an email if you have any thoughts.

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This made us laugh. Hydroponics and astronauts combined? Tempting.

There’s also a night light – hydroponics, light and astronauts combined

Gimmicky, yes, but.. still kind of want one. It’s still for plants afterall, right??

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