ice sun catchers

These are so easy, fast, and fun with endless possibilities! You can make them for decorations, or even fill them with birdseed that our feathered friends can munch on as they melt.


  • Watertight containers that are freezable: Tupperware, baking pans, tinfoil tins, yogurt tubs – whatever you can find (slightly flexible works well for wiggling the ice blocks out after they freeze)
  • String, twine or yarn for hanging
  • Natural materials (collected from nature or whatever you would like)
    • TIP: we only use natural biodegradable materials, as when the ice melts, we don’t want plastic or metal littering outside

  • Water and freezing temperatures (or freezer space if not cold enough)
  • Food dye (optional)
  • Birdseed (optional)
  • Drill & bit (optional)


Collect your artistic items (pinecones, leaves, sticks, berries, pebbles, whatever your eye spies!)

Arrange the items however you would like in the container (s)

Add food coloring to the water if desired. Pour water gently into the container (your decorations will float and re-assemble a little)

Allow everything to freeze hard (we left overnight outside) TIP: We decided to cover the container with the birdseed to discourage creatures from eating it 😛 If concerned, you could always freeze in an indoor freezer.

String Hanging Method: gently pop the ice out and wrap the string around the circumference of the ice (like the birdseed catcher below), or just wrap it around (like the square catcher to the left). Tie the knot at the top and leave extra string for hanging.

TIP: It was extremely cold when we did this, so this ice was very frozen in the container and wasn’t budging. We poured a little water in and brought it indoors for a few minutes indoors to melt the ice just enough so the block would slide out without breaking.

Put back in and pour cold water in again and wait for it to freeze again (be sure to leave the extra string to be used for hanging out of the container)

OPTION 2: Drill Hanging Method: PARENTAL SUPERVISION NEEDED. Drill a small hole through the ice, at least an inch from the edge (I used 3/16″ bit). The farther you drill towards the center, the longer the ice will hang (as it melts, eventually the string will pop out)

Hang them up! If you put them in the shade they will last a little longer – but it is ice after all – so it will melt!

They sure are pretty when the sun catches them!

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