who can you spot? scavenger hunts & field guides

This is a fun way to learn what animals are living near you. You may be amazed to see how many creatures are hiding so close to you!

Another interesting project is to build your own nature field guide and keep your own personal tally over months and even years!

Field Guide

Create your own field guide! Keep track of the creatures you see, interesting facts about them and when you spotted them!

Scavenger Hunt

Can you find all these items, take photos of them, and maybe add more of your own?

Check out these articles to learn why photography is so beneficial for kids, or how to select an age-appropriate camera along with some free activity downloads

Animal Tracks

Who walked there? Learning animal tracks can be a fun project. It can be done with Google or a book (which we prefer) and a pair of boots. Head to the backyard or woods!

For more details, suggestions, books, and how to make a plaster cast of the tracks you find (in snow or sand!) see this article

Feathered Friends

You can also keep a journal just for birds, there are so many you can see from your window!

See birding tips for more suggestions, kid birding gear, feeding, supplies and heated birdbaths.

To encourage some new friends to take up residence in your backyard, see DIY Birdhouses for a free birdhouse template and instructions.

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