newborn scottish terrier puppy

wee scottie

tiny black scottish terrier puppy

The Call

After waiting for two years, we received the call. Unexpectedly, to our delight, one male puppy was now available, ready to come home in a few months.

Our family again sat down to discuss if we were still all in agreement, as we knew this was a long-term commitment.

Can you guess what the answer was??

Name Game

It’s hard to choose a name everyone likes. This pup was also a surprise for Mom. We joked about names for the “someday Scottie” for two years and tested out what she liked.

In the end, it was decided: Mr. Beamish McDuff.

cute scottish terrier

Duffy, the Troublemaker

The breeder kept us updated about Duff’s progress.

Our favorite line still is, “He is the largest in the group and very confident in himself.”

Did anyone else laugh a little and then say… oh dear?

Expensive First Year

This puppy acquired more stuff in the last few months than we have in the last few years. He is one very, very spoiled little man.

We stored all his stuff in places in homes mom wouldn’t look – not an easy feat with the amount of puppy stuff we accumulated!

Here is a checklist we made before bringing him home. This is just a suggestion, but hopefully helpful.

Best Spring in Years

At eight weeks, Duffy was ready to come home.

First, Duff’s parents and grandparents barked their hellos. Then we met Duff.

Instantly we knew we were in trouble: you saw the photo, right?

Did we really have a puppy?

Drive Home

The breeders told us he would be so tired Duff would likely fall asleep on the way home….

scottish terrier puppy playing with toy


He wanted to see out the window. He wanted to crawl on my lap. He wanted to crawl on Kara’s lap. He wanted to see the backseat. OH BOY, did he want to see in the backseat, and he wasn’t taking no for an answer.

We looked at each other and thought: This one will be one determined little man.


We calmly walked into the house like any other normal day, except, this time, holding a puppy.

Mum turned around … then noticed the puppy.

Her expression is fixed in our minds: she melted.

Duff was home.

grandma playing with puppy