duff the diehard

puppy playing with stuffed toy


Diehard is the affectionate nickname for Scottish Terriers (also known as Aberdeen Terrier). Where did it come from? In the 1600s, George Douglas, the First Earl of Dumbarton, called his pack of Scottish Terriers “Diehards” due to their bravery and toughness. Evidently, they also inspired the name of his regiment – The Royal Scots – “Dumbarton’s Diehards.”

Scotties are known as a big dog in a little dog’s body. They are bold, feisty, independent, self-assured, playful, and fiercely loyal to their family. They also have quite a stubborn streak.

We have noticed that the Scottie genes are definitely present in wee Duff.

determined puppy climbing stairs

Duff has launched himself off anything he can climb on, determinedly tried to get up the stairwell, knocked his head, bashed his little body – nary a blink.

He attacks anything new with such intensity – see him with his first play with a rolling treat ball: Duffy and the Treat Dispenser

But, true to a Scottie’s personality, he is surprisingly sensitive. Scotties are astute observers of human facial expressions and tone of voice – they can tell when you are happy, upset, stressed, or angry with them (which is why you only need to express your disapproval in a soft voice).

And should they dare catch you making fun of them…even something as simple as a mocking glance in Duff’s direction will put you on his “ignore” list for a while.

Even as a little puppy – he knows when you’re taking photos or videos of him, no matter how quiet or discreet you try to be. He will shoot you a look of severe reprimand if he knows you’re doing this at his expense for a laugh.

puppy looking at the camera

Simple Joys

You can’t rush a puppy – they help teach us patience and remind us to slow down, laugh, and take time out to enjoy simple, special moments.

Duff is hilarious, frustrating, and adorably cute. We love our feisty, loyal little Diehard.

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