Imagination is Calling

The Story

Our home was regularly invaded by myriads of creatures, large and small, and was filled with jumbles of hobbies. Our favourite vacations were family camping trips – no radios, no tv, no technology. They were the best.

Those simple times are the memories we treasure the most. Curiosity and discovery led to the greatest adventures – real or imagined – and those adventures helped us build confidence, life skills, creativity, and assisted in our growth into (reasonably) stable adults.

The photos on our website are real moments captured in our childhood or taken by us personally later in life. We want to share some of these memories in the hope that it will help others experience the joy that comes from a playful mind.

Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning

Diane Ackerman

The Projects

You’ll find a huge range of projects on this site. We are grateful to our parents for encouraging our home to be invaded by myriads of creatures large and small, our jumble of hobbies, the many hours preparing for camping trips, and attentively enduring our plays.

It’s those simple joys that we remember and treasure the most. These adventures helped us build confidence, practical skills, creativity, and develop into (reasonably) stable adults.

Play makes kids happy.

Play is the highest form of research

Albert Einstein

The Science

Ever notice that the most intelligent creatures on earth are the ones that play?

Creative play refers to spontaneous, unstructured play that’s inspired by a child’s interests, curiosity and imagination. It’s also vital to their emotional, social, intellectual and physical development.

It includes gardening, cooking, sewing, building, exploring, and so much more. The possibilities for play are endless! We hope this website will help spark new adventures for the young and young-at-heart.

After all, playing never grows old.

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Please note, most of the photos on this website are from our childhood, or captured by us personally. We wanted to share real life experiences with you, but respectfully ask that photos are not downloaded or copied from our website.

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