Children engaging in unstructured play with nature


Our Story

We are two sisters who love imagination, creative play, and sharing fun activities for kids.

The photos on our website are our real moments. We hope our most treasured memories inspire you to enjoy the fun, skill-building, and creative play activities for kids based on our adventures.

Integral for child development, imaginative, unstructured play activities foster cognitive growth and cultivate physical, social, and emotional development. Unstructured play nurtures creativity, imagination, problem-solving, social skills – and happiness.

The play ideas are limitless, from the indoors to the outdoors, animal interactions, camping, family activities, STEM, and kid-friendly crafts!

Curiosity and discovery led to our most extraordinary adventures – real or imagined – helping us build confidence and life skills, stimulating our minds, and nurturing our growth into (reasonably) stable adults.

Happy sister children enjoying creative outdoor play activities for kids together

Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning

Diane Ackerman
child outdoor nature activities for kids, smiling at a dragonfly on her shoulder.

The Projects

Play makes kids happy.

You’ll find a wide range of imaginative play ideas on this site for a kids of all ages. Most activities can be simplified or made more challenging.

Play is the highest form of research

Albert Einstein

The Science

Ever notice that the most intelligent creatures on earth play?

Creative play is a spontaneous, unstructured play inspired by a child’s interests, curiosity, and imagination. It’s also vital for a child’s emotional, social, intellectual, and physical development.

The possibilities for play are endless: gardening, cooking, sewing, building, exploring, and more! We hope this website will help spark new adventures for the young and young-at-heart.

After all, playing never grows old.

Young child in red jacket unstructured nature play outdoor nature activity for kids

Imagination is Calling

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Please note, most of the photos on this website are from our childhood, or captured by us personally. We wanted to share real life experiences with you, but respectfully ask that photos are not downloaded or copied from our website.

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