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Snowman & Snow Creations

Building a snowman is a classic winter activity. There are endless snowman, snow animal, and snow creation ideas if you let your imagination run free!

To add some inspiration, here are some snowpeople ideas that are a little outside the box. We won’t comment on the fact that these aren’t all from our young childhood 😛 We’re sure you’ve noticed we are big fans of never growing up.

Even if you don’t have much space, you can still have fun making snowpeople. You could build mini snowmen like these inspired by Minecraft! As you can see in the mini sled photo below, decks are perfect spots for snow building!

Add some food coloring and a spray bottle, and you’ve opened up a whole world of fun. As you can see, we made our own green Nessie, and sprayed her green! It was so much fun.

What Snow is Best for Building a Snowman?

We will call The best snow “Goldilocks Snow”: not too dry or wet.

Snow Test: Scoop some snow in between your hands and press it together. When the snow forms a ball, you can make a good snowman, but if it falls apart, it’s too powdery or too slushy.

If you are determined, try adding water to powdery snow (for example, using a spray bottle). However, waiting for the right snow is best, or you might get frustrated. You might have better success if you make mini snowmen by adding water rather than building a big snowman,

Snowflake Fun

Even if the snow isn’t right for building snowmen, you can still have fun in the snow. Did you know there are many different types of snowflakes? There is also a really cool book to help you identify the different snowflakes you can find.

If you want to learn a little about snow, here is a great youtube video from SciShow Kids.

For other winter ideas, see the Snow Ideas: snow sports, snow camping, taffy recipe, frozen bubbles, and more!

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