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Whale Ideas: Kid Crafts, Projects & Adoptions

If your child loves whales as much as I do, here are some great whale ideas for kids. For budding cetologists, read on for some great kid whale project ideas!

I was obsessed with whales as a kid – and still am. I vividly remember saving my allowance to adopt a whale. Receiving the personalized package in the mail with the photo of ‘my whale’ was so exciting.

My whale was named Quioxte.

Reading about the importance of whale conservation efforts really helped me appreciate the delicate balance of nature and how one little kid could make a difference.  It brings the wild world to your doorstep.

The official Whale Adoption Website (WDC) is a registered non-profit. You can even choose your own humpback or orca! They also have a bunch of gifts – including plantable whale poop (that made me giggle, so your kids probably will too).

whale adoption project

The Whale Adoption Includes:

  • A Personalized Whale Adoption Certificate.
  • Full-Color Folder And Brochure About Whales.
  • Your Adopted Whale’s Story.
  • A full-color family tree with each family member’s fluke or dorsal fin (which identifies each individual)
  • A WDC Window Decal For You To Show The World You Love Whales

Photo Credit: Whale Adoption from WDC

You will receive a monthly email update about your whale and its family and ‘friends’ where you learn what your whale might be doing or where it is at that time of the year. You also receive an update about what WDC is doing to help protect these graceful creatures.

curious humpback whale with head out of water
Curious Humpback – Whale Watching Eastern Canada

Whale Migration Project

  • As you receive updates about your whale, pin the location (or use dry-erase markers) on a fun map. You can learn about geography and migration and follow your new friend’s travels. Or make your own map!
  • This large peel-and-stick animal wall map is also a different map option. I want one. You could track them using small removable stickers like these inexpensive ones. Or use stickie-notes and write the date when your whale was spotted.

Whale Songs

We loved listening to the haunting, calming songs of the humpback whale. Want to hear them too?

Songs of the Humpback Whale

Whale Watching

Nothing can compare to seeing a whale in the wild. It is truly life-changing. Seeing such beautiful creatures in their natural habitat, curiously coming close enough to see their eyes, is an experience you will never forget.

If you can’t get in a boat right now, here’s an interesting video for kids that takes you whale watching from your sofa. Keep playing it at the end, and you will hear whale songs too!

If you go in person someday, just be sure to choose a charter known for being respectful of nature, not crowding or harassing animals, and being respectful of the ocean and its creatures.

Whale Science Projects for Kids

How do whales stay warm in cold water? Learn about blubber with this easy experiment: Blubber Gloves!

How does the song of the humpback travel in water? Learn how sound travels in water with this simple experiment (coming soon)

Whale Videos

4 Film Favorites: Free Willy (Free Willy, Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home, Free Willy 3: The Rescue, Free Willy 4)

Every kid needs to see Free Willy! We watched that movie so many times, always wishing we were the ones trying to save the whale!

Whale Puzzles

Ages 6+ : Educational and fun. This 100 piece is good quality and offers 20 different species of whales and dolphins

Ages 4+: Whale shaped puzzle, nice and easy, 50 pieces

Whale Books

Ages 2-5: National Geographic Whales (designed for pre-readers)

Ages 6-10 : Fun facts about whales and dolphins, quizzes and projects

Coloring Book

Whales and Dolphins. Fun and educational with fact-filled captions

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