silverback gorilla looking at a human

Animal Adoption: Preserves & Zoos

As a teenager, I remember being transfixed by a beautiful gorilla enclosure, sitting there for a long time, entranced by their intelligence. I vividly recall the male silverback coming close and sitting there, just watching me. It still makes the hair on my arms raise. That moment impacted me deeply.

To this day, I have a particular desire to see these incredible animals protected and am determined to see them in the wild someday.

I wasn’t the best photographer then, especially using my manual film camera, but I still chose this beautiful animal to do a project in a photography class in Grade 9.

Web Search Animal Adoption Near You

Where do you live? Just do a little web search. Australia? Check out the wildlife adoptions at the Australia Zoo, home to the Irwin family.

For example, from the Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservatory:

“Adopt a Toronto Zoo animal today and help protect wildlife and wild spaces. As a charitable organization, funds raised through the Adopt an Animal program support the Zoo’s scientific research and conservation efforts. With over 20 animals available for adoption, including 5 Canadian species, and three adoption packages, you’ll surely find the perfect gift for any occasion!”

Species Ambassador Package with the Toronto Zoo includes:

  • Personalized certificate of adoption (featuring colour photo of adopted animal)
  • Acknowledgment letter
  • Animal fact sheet
  • The recipient’s name is displayed as a Species Ambassador on their digital recognition wall for one year.
  • Pack of collectible Wildlife Cards (5 cards total)
  • To/from card
  • FREE shipping (some restrictions may apply)
  • Full charitable tax receipt for the donor

Some Zoos offer a variety of packages and various price ranges, including gifts, tickets, behind-the-scenes tours, and some with live interactions.

Just do a little searching and choose a location with an excellent reputation for caring for their animals. Zoos can be divided subject, so please note we are not offering any opinions. It’s a personal matter for everyone.

Live Animal Cameras

Many Zoos now offer live camera viewing, so if you can’t travel and your kids would like to see some animals, do a little web searching.

For example, The San Diego Zoo has numerous Live Cams: hippo, polar bear, ape, platypus, tiger, and giraffe.

Or travel to Australia to the Sydney Zoo for some of their unusual creature live cam interactions!

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More Animal Interaction Ideas

Volunteering: Youth volunteer opportunities offer amazing opportunities for kids to learn new skills, make friends, grow in confidence, help animals – all without a long-term pet commitment.

For some suggestions on how to get started, check out Youth Volunteer Opportunities: Animal-Loving Kids

Meet Edison

This is our adopted elephant through Fahlo. We can track his travels by GPS through an easy App.

Why not give a living gift and get a cool bracelet, too?