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Building STEM with Meccano: Preschoolers to Teens

Specifically targeting STEM before it was cool, Meccano has been inspiring engineers, designers, architects, and creative minds for over 100 years. More than just a toy, these assemblies build concentration, mechanical aptitude, an understanding of simple machines, fine motor skills, and confidence. Mecanno is available for a wide range of ages.

You learn how things work – from motors to machinery, hydronics to programming. For kids who like electronics, cars, tractors, motorcycles, helicopters, spaceships, construction vehicles, insects, to programmable personal robots!

A friend of ours credits hours of playing with Meccano for helping develop STEM skills, and understanding how machinery works, building his comfort and confidence using tools, which led to a remarkable career in a complicated field (and the ability to figure out just about anything).

You can follow the directions to complete a particular kit’s design(s) or item. But it doesn’t end there – you can disassemble and use your creativity and imagination to build your own models.

Here is an example of how it works: The kit in the photo above makes five different models, and this is one of them:

It’s actually really fun and teaches you skills at the same time. The best part is that there are many kit options, from the inexpensive to the complex. We want them all!

To Consider

  • What age group or technical aptitude is your child? The sets are divided by ages 5+, 8/9+ and 10+ (see below)
  • Is this intended as a toy, model, or construction set for progressive learning and developing STEM skills?
  • The kits can be a bit complex for a new beginner, so depending on your child, perhaps buy a kit for a younger age to start or be ready to lend a hand until they get the hang of it.
  • Budget: there are small, inexpensive kits or bigger comprehensive kits for hours and hours of inventing.
  • Are you a grandparent looking to spoil (and perhaps play with) your grandkids? 🙂

TIP: Set your kid up for building somewhere the parts will not easily be lost or fall down a drain or register! There are LOTS of small pieces.


Truckin’ Tractor

  • Four model kit
  • Includes: 87 Parts, two Real Tools, one Instruction Sheet
  • Snap-on connectors and clipping screws make it easier for younger kids
  • No batteries required

Meccano Junior Toolbox, Pullback Race Car

  • 5 model kit
  • Real working vehicles, pull back and go—self-rolling wheels.
  • Includes: 61 parts, two real tools, one pullback motor, one plastic toolbox, one instruction Booklet
  • No batteries required
  • Storage box included

Rescue Fire Truck

  • One model kit
  • Includes: 150 Parts, 2 Real Tools, 1 Sticker Sheet, 1 Instruction Sheet
  • It has a moving ladder with lights and sounds
  • 3AAA batteries needed, not included

Building Kit with Tools

  • Open-ended play (it does include instructions for three models)
  • Including 150 parts, two tools, and instructions for three models
  • Snap-on connectors and parts to make it easier for younger kids
  • No batteries needed

Intermediate MECCANO AGES 8/9+

Space Quest 8+

  • 15 model kit
  • Moving gantry with anodized metal parts
  • Reassembles into 14 other interstellar vehicles
  • 11.5″ tall x 3.25″ wide x 4″ wide
  • Includes: 260 Parts, two Real Tools, one Instruction Sheet
  • No batteries needed

Meccano Desert Adventure Set 8+

  • 20 model kit
  • Real-life shock absorber cushions
  • 20 different models, ranging from an enduring desert buggy to a chase helicopter
  • Includes: 263 Parts, two real tools, Metallic Coloured Parts, one instruction sheet
  • No batteries required

Roadster Pull-Back Car Building Kit 8+

  • 5 model kit
  • Working front scoop, pull back car (pull back and release to make the car go)
  • Includes: 174 Parts, two Real Tools, one Sticker Sheet, one Instruction Sheet
  • Reviews are mixed; some say it’s not great, and some love it. Overall, nearly 2,300 reviewers gave it 4.5 stars.
  • No batteries required

Micronoid Programmable Robot 8+++

  • Novice-level building kit
  • DJ mode, robot fighting mode, or 8-ball mode
  • Sync it to your computer for programming.
  • If you buy another Micronoid, they will interact together.
  • Batteries required (not included)
  • 127 parts, one motorized micro module, two real tools, one instruction guide

Motorized Off Road Racer 9+ +++

  • 25 model kit
  • Includes: 406 Parts, 4.5V Electrical Motor, two Real Tools, one Instruction Sheet
  • Three AA batteries required (not included)


Super Construction Set: 25-In-1 Motorized Building Set

  • 25 building models: parts can be used to rebuild a helicopter, a buggy crane or make your own design
  • Real working vehicle: build a motorized crane with a 6V electrical motor, with a rotary body and extendable hook
  • Includes: 638 pieces, 6V electrical motor, three real tools, one instruction sheet (for 11 models)
  • Four AA batteries needed (not included)

John Deere 380G Excavator with Working Hydraulics +++

  • Three working hydraulic cylinders and pistons
  • Moving arm with three points of articulation
  • An accurate model with moving treads and a cab that swivels and rotates 360 degrees
  • Two feet long
  • Includes: 685 Parts, two Real Tools, one Sticker Sheet, one Instruction Sheet for 1 Model
  • Authentic replica of the John Deere model

Building Kit with Animatronics for Engineering and Robotics

  • Building kit for unlimited options with a re-usable case
  • Construct your own creations and animate them using a real motor
  • It includes a multi-spaced hole-punch, edge guide, screw gauge and scorer, making it easy to create with cardboard, foam, plastic etc.
  • Use the instructions to create one way and the blueprints (included) to create entirely new builds
  • Includes: 196 Parts, one Motor, one Maker Tool, eight Blueprints, one Instruction Manual
  • Three AAA batteries are needed, not included

Programmable Personal Robot (MECCANOID) +++

  • Meccanoid XL (Four Feet Tall)
  • The 2016 award-winning Innovative Toy Of The Year
  • It comes with over one thousand phrases and voice recognition, like “Walk Forward”. You can even program it to recognize unlimited user-recorded voice commands.
  • Capable of capturing your motions and even mimicking them
  • Allows multiple ways to build! Rebuild your Meccanoid as a dinosaur, a dog, or anything else
  • Program its motions manually by hitting a record button, moving the robot’s arms around, and then watching it repeat those movements
  • Eight Motors for realistic movements in arms and head
  • Free app from Google Play or AppStore. Works with iOS and Android
  • Eight-channel microcontroller with 64Mb of flash.
  • Open Source Programming
  • 800mAh NiMH Battery and charger included.
  • Includes: 1223 Parts, one AC/DC Wall Mount Charger, one Rechargeable 1800mAh NiMH Battery, one MeccabrainTM, one LED Module, two Hand Tools, eight Servos, two Rear Wheel assemblies, two Motor Gearbox Assembly
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