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Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids – Who Can You Find?

A nature scavenger hunt for kids is a fun way to learn what animals live near you. You may be amazed at how many creatures hide so close to you! Creating your nature field guide is a great science project for kids.

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Nature Field Guide

Kids can create their field guide! It is fun to keep track of the creatures you see, interesting facts about them, and when you find them!

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Scavenger Hunt

Can you find all these items? Add some of your own, too!

Why not take photos of them all?

Why not check out these articles to learn why photography benefits kids and how to select an age-appropriate camera, along with free activity downloads?

plaster cast of an animal print track craft idea for kids

Identify Animal Tracks

Check out this article for more details, suggestions, books, a free animal print download, and instructions on how to make a plaster cast of the tracks you find.

Don’t let winter stop you! You can make these animal track molds in snow and sand!

dove with closed eyes sitting on an icy fence in the winter from nature scavenger hunt list for kids

Feathered Friends

Why not try keeping a bird-watching journal? You can see so many from your window in winter and summer.

To encourage some new friends in your backyard, see DIY Birdhouses for a free birdhouse template and instructions.

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